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Operation: Galactic Storm

Season Two, Episode 50


Director(s)  Boyd Kirkland

Chris Yost and Joshua Fine


The Kree starship captured by SWORD after the unsuccessful Kree expedition is been pressed into serivce as Falcion-1.  Commanded by Peter Corbeau, SWORD is using it to examine a warp field anomaly close to our sun; they don't fully understand the anomaly, but its as if the warp rift is open on the other end, but closed on this end.

Suddenly the anomaly opens, and two ships come through.  One is some kind of a small shuttle, and the second is a Kree warship.  Falcion-1 engages the warship, and sends a message to Earth.  Nine minutes later, the Avengers are ready for action.

The smaller vessel, which appears to have a cloaking device, has sped ahead and materializes over the water on Earth.

The Avengers visit Captain Mar-Vell at the Hydro Base.  They ask him if he knows why the Kree have parked six warships near our sun.  Mar-Vell responds that this is just the beginning; that Earth occupies a strategic location in time/space, and want to be able to create a stable wormhole here.  Those ships are going to act as energy conduits, and a wormhole that close to the sun will rip it apart.  Mar-Vell offers to modify the quinjet to be able to make subspace jumps, and will help deactivate the gate and close the wormhole.  Additionally, he modifies the quinjet shields and space suits so that they can withstand the proximity of the sun.

As the Avengers are preparing to board their quinjet, they are attacked by Kree Stealth Ops team of commandos.  Agent Brand and Yellowjacket hold them off so that the other Avengers can head into space to face the real Kree threat.  Thor provides covering fire while the Avengers launch.

In space, the Avengers soon close on the battle between the Falcion-1 and Kree warships.  Captain America orders Captain Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, and the Vision to attack the warship, while the Wasp, Black Panther, Hawkeye, and he board the damaged Falcion-1 to try and help its crew.

The Avengers split into their teams, with the "heavy hitters" attacking the kree warship while the boarding team boards the Falcion-1.  The boarding party find Corbeau, who tells them that the Kree teleported abord the Falcion-1 to take it back just before they are attacked by a Kree Sentry robot.

Back at the Hydro Base, the Kree Stealth Ops commando team is searching for Ronan the Accuser's cell when they are attacked by Yellowjacket.  Almost defeated, he is saved by Agent Brand.  He tells her that they are heading for the north sub-basements, which house the armory and Ronan's Universal Weapon.  Meanwhile, the SWORD team find a Kree bomb which can destroy the whole installation.

Back in space, the Avengers heavy hitters are being kept out of the Kree warship by the ship's shields.  Mar-Vell provides Iron Man with the frequency of the Kree teleport signal, which Iron Man uses to bring down the shields with a pulse wave on the same frequency.  They board the ship and the battle for the Kree warship begins.

On the Falcion-1, the Avengers battle the Sentry while the Black Panther uses the Falcion's teleporter to teleport the Sentry outside into the sun, where its destroyed.  The Falcion-1 is secured, and the Kree warship is captured by the Avengers, but not before the generator ships start to activate.

On Hydrobase, the Kree Stealth Ops team has secured the Universal Weapon and intend to present it to Ronan the Accuser at his cell.  Yellowjacket attacks.  Agent Brand informs him that Yellowjacket needs to defuse the Kree explosive, forcing him to retreat.  The Kree Stealth Ops team free Ronan and present him with his Universal Weapon.  The Kree teleport away.

The Avengers heavy hitters watch as the Kree wormhole goes active.  Ms. Marvel wants to take out the Kree generator ships, but Mar-Vell points out that they are now inside the wormhole, and unreachable.  Captain America decides that they must enter the wormhole and destroy the ships.  Mar-Vell tells the Avengers that the wormhole travel is nearly instantaneous, and that it would be impossible to sight and destroy all five ships.  Hawkeye smirks and says "Not for me".

Iron Man postulates that they could use the Falcion's tractor beam to slow down the quinjet, perhaps giving Hawkeye enough time.  Mar-Vell points out that Hawkeye would then be trapped on the other side of the wormhole, alone in Kree space.  Other Avengers volunteer to go with him; Avengers don't desert their own.

On the Hydro-Base, Yellowjacket gives up on trying to disarm the Kree explosive, and shrinks it into the Microverse, where it detonates but harms very little, at that scale. 

Back on the Falcion-1, the Black Panther puts the tractor beam into operation while the other Avengers board the quinjet.  An explosion rocks them free without the Black Panther, who informs Captain America that the damage has damaged the computers such that the tractor beam must be fired manually before it drifts into the sun and is destroyed.

Captain America refuses to leave the Black Panther behind.  Iron Man reminds Cap that this is the moment that Kang had always talked about, and how Earth's survival depends on Cap's decision; if the wormhole isn't shut down, the sun will rip apart.  The Black Panther says that he does now what his father did - protect Wakanda, but he is proud to do so as an Avenger.

The quinjet enters the wormhole at a spin, allowing the weapons to bear on each generator ship in turn.  Hawkeye takes the shot.  The Falcion descends into the sun, disinitgrating.  The quinjet enters Kree Space... facing an armada of thousands of Kree warships, waiting to deploy through the wormhole.

After the initial Kree incursion, Captain Mar-Vell, Colonel Yon-Rogg, Ronan the Accuser, and other Kree soldiers have been being kept imprisioned on Hydro-Base.


* Falcion-1 is a cute name for a spacecraft in SWORD service.

* The Kree bomb that Yellowjacket sent to the Microverse... I wonder if it destroyed anything of the Psycho-Man's empire?

* Where did the Kree Special Ops commandos teleport to with Ronan the Accuser?

* Commander Corbeau says that he stayed behind to cover the evacuation of his SWORD crew... where did they evacuate to, precisely?