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Avengers Assemble

Season Two, Episode 52


Director(s) Rou Burdine

Christopher Yost

Summary Iron Man and Captain America are on top of the Avengers Mansion discussing how the Avengers will be viewed from a historical perspective.  Iron Man is concerned that the threatds they face are getting worse and more frequent.  As Stark admits to thoughts of mortality, the coming of Galactus begins to manifest.

Avengers Assemble time!

At the Stark International building, the Avengers face Terrax, who informs them that the Devourer has come... and he hungers!  Iron Man attacks, and is effortlessly thrown across the sky.  Captain America orders the rest of the Avengers to attack, but Terrax rebuffs them with a sweep of Cosmic energy. 

The Avengers dealt with, Terrax begins to assemble the first of Galactus' energy conduit towers.  Iron Man tells the Avengers that three more Heralds are doing the same in other parts of the planet.  The towers complete, Galactus arrives on his enormous vessel over New York.  Captain America tells the Avengers that he remembers the Skrulls mentioning Galactus as some sort of space god who destroyed the Skrull homeworld, and that Galactus eats planets.

Iron Man choses this moment to officially transfer leadership to Captain America, who instructs JARVIS to issue a Code White alert, summoning Earth's mightiest heroes.

From all over, the unprecedented team of heroes assembles; the Fantastic Four, the Winter Soldier, Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Black Widow, Quake, Ant-Man II, Power Man, Iron Fist, War Machine, Quake, Doc Sampson, and the Falcon.  The Hulk is recalled to active duty, to stand with the team.  Captain America gives them the plan - the assembled heroes will split into teams, take down the Heralds of Galactus, and wreck the towers, stopping Galactus' ability to feed. Then, the expanded Avengers will take the fight to Galactus himself!

One team, composed of Mr. Fantastic, Doc Sampson, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Yellowjacket is dispatched to Galactus' space vessel.  Yellowjacket uses his Pym Particles to create an entry.

A team is dispatched to deal with Terrax and destroy his tower.  This team is composed of War Machine. Quake, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Fist.  They engage the Terrax as Captain America tells Terrax that his master isn't welcome here.

A team is dispatched to fight Firelord and destroy his tower.  This team is composed of Hulk, Ant-Man/Giant-Man II, Winter Soldier, the Black Panther, and the Invisible Woman. 

A team is dispatched to fight Stardust and destroy his tower.  This team is composed of Wolverine, Thing, Wasp, and the Human Torch.

A team is dispatched to fight Air Walker and destroy his tower.  This team is composed of Thor, the Vision, Power Man, the Black Widow, and the Falcon.  While Thor distracts the Air Walker, the rest of their team plant explosive devices on the tower.

Back at Galactus' ship, the Avengers team explore, eventually finding their way to Galactus.  Their scans indicate that Galactus is a being of pure energy contained and given form by his armor, and that the energy levels are dropping - Galactus hungers!

Yellowjacket tries shrinking Galactus' giant form, but it almost immediately reappears at its original size, and in retaliation sends eyebeams of energy at the Avengers team, blasting Yellowjacket and Doc Savage.

In the battle against Terrax, Captain America leads his team to apparent victory over the Herald, and they destroy the Energy Conversion Tower. This is repeated with each of the Heralds, with the Avengers apparently victorious and the towers destroyed.

Galactus watches the destruction of his towers, and enrages, teleporting himself to the surface and re-assembling and activating his towers using this Cosmic power.  The towers begin to feed Galactus as the Avengers teams look on in horror.  Ms. Marvel, unable to take standing around, directly attacks Galactus as Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man examine the situation aboard Galactus' vessel.

While the Avengers battle Galactus, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man make a portal to the Negative Zone and key it to the energy signature of Galactus' Cosmic energy.  Galactus resists going, trying to pull himself back into our universe, but final blasts from Iron Man and Thor send him through the portal, which seals behind him.  Earth has once more been saved... by the Avengers!


 * Although Galactus is a Fantastic Four villain, he sure is a powerful way to end the series, with the Avengers reaching out to past allies and friends to help defeat him.

* I hope the Kree feel a little better about being defeated by a people who were able to survive a Galactus event.

* "Code White" is the Avengers code for assembling all known heroes to fight a world-ending level threat.

* A special "Fastball Special" with the Thing pitching, was a nice tribute to Wolverine's favorite tactic.



Notes Season Two, and series, Finale