The Super Skrulls


The Super Skrull was once the finest Skrull warrior in the Skrull Empire, and chosen for a series of surgical technology procedures which allow him to replicate the powers of the Fantastic Four; the strength of the Thing, the stretching powers of Mr. Fantastic, the invisibility and force field projection of the Invisible Woman, and the flame generation of the Human Torch.

Prior to their invasion of Earth, several more Super-Skrulls were produced.  Some were like the Super-Skrull, and could replicate the powers of the Fantastic Four.  Others were also created, who appeared as hybrids of other heroes and villains.  There were at least one each of the Avengers, who were captured during the attempted invasion of Wakanda. 

Some of the hybrid Super-Skrulls observed during the Skrull invasion include:

The Skrulls are being held unconscious in a special area of the 42 prison.