Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker

Baron Von Strucker started his career of infamy in World War II, the lieutenant in charge of the Red Skull's elite troops.  After the war, Von Strucker stayed with Hydra under Baron Zemo, taking over the organization when Baron Zemo was captured and imprisoned, leaving Baron Zemo to rot in prison.  Baron Von Strucker is a skilled swordsman and expert marksman.  He is ruthless, treacherous, cruel, and vindictive.  Suspicious of everyone, he rarely trusts anyone, especially his own lieutenants.

Baron Von Strucker carries sword and sidearm constantly, and wears the Satan's Claw, which can drain the life energy from his enemies to rejuvinate his own body (good thing, as he must be in his 90s by now).

During a recent escape attempt from the Vault, Strucker used the Satan's Claw on Nick Fury, giving Fury his trademark premature gray sideburns.  He has tried to drain both Hawkeye (who was saved by the Black Widow), and Captain America (who was saved by Hawkeye).

When AIM reneged on their contract with Hydra over the manufacture of the Cosmic Cube, Baron Von Strucker ordered an all-out war on AIM.   After the conflict, Von Strucker was taken into SHIELD custody once more.


Baron Von Strucker in WWII