Ms. Marvel

Real Name: Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers was an United States Air Force fighter pilot who joined SHIELD after she retired from the USAF.

Danvers was assigned to a joint SHIELD/military orbital telescope ground station, along with Phillip Lawson, the human guise of the Kree Captain Mar-Vell.  When she thought that the orbital telescope was tracking extraterrestrial vehicles, she called in Wasp and Ant-Man for verification.

When the Kree Sentry attacked the base, she was caught in an explosion while being shielded by Mar-Vell, and the radiation from the explosion seems to have given her powers, including enhanced strength, flight, and the ability to throw energy blasts.

Released from the hospital, she adopted the uniform and name of Ms. Marvel, naming herself after the Kree who had left Earth to champion Earth before the Supreme Intelligence.

Some time later she transfered from SHIELD to SWORD.  After her defeat of Ronan the Accuser, she was asked by Iron Man to join the Avengers.

Carol Danvers