The Wasp 

WaspReal Name: Janet Van Dyne

Janet Van Dyne is a wealthy socialite, but found greater fulfilment in supporting the scientist Hank Pym in his work, handling the routine of business so that he can focus on his experiments.  The Wasp can shrink to a tiny size, sprouting wings as she does so to give her flight.  She is also able to fire powerful bioenergy blasts from her hands.   When the villain Whirlwind tried to steal a sample of the rare metal vibranium from Hank Pym's lab, the Wasp flew after him, and together Ant-man and the Wasp sent Whirlwind to the Big House.  When the menace of Graviton and the destruction of the four super-prisons appeared, she enthusiastically embraced her role as an Avenger.