Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo was a nazi scientist and the head of Hydra.  While boasting to Captain America about his new chemical weapon, Virus X, Zemo was exposed to his own chemical during the ensuing fight.   Due to Armin Zola's own 'Super Soldier' experiments, Baron Zemo did not die, but his mask was permanently grafted to his face.

After World War II, Zemo continued operations as the head of Hydra, which was now a terrorist criminal organization.  After his decade-long incarceration in the Vault, Baron Von Strucker took command of Hydra, and was content to leave Zemo in prison.

The Nazi war criminal Baron Zemo recently escaped his incarceration in the Vault and struck up an alliance with Loki, forming the Masters of Evil. Baron Zemo is bent both on world conquest, and the total and utter defeat of his old enemy, Captain America.

Baron Zemo's body is continually wracked by Virus X, and only periodic treatments by Arnim Zola keep him not only alive, but in top physical shape.  Baron Zemo has decades of combat practice, and is adept with any weapon, but particularly his sword. 

Baron Zemo in World War II