Real Name:  M-Nell


CommandoCommando was one of the survivors of the Nega-Bomb detonation which killed 98% of the population of the Kree Empire; the radiation had left him with greater strength, speed, and durability than normal Kree warriors..  M-Nell was conscripted to the Imperial Guard, as the Kree territories were now part of the Shi'ar Empire, and it was hoped that having a Kree member of the Imperial Guard would lead to a less bitter assimilation.  M-Nell did not get along well with his fellow Guardsmen; he had been a loyal Kree soldier with an almost religious fanatical devotion to the Supreme Intelligence.

Clearly, the Shi'ar didn't have a clue about the Kree culture...

One of Commando's first assignments as an Imperial Guardsman was to be part of a task force assigned to Earth, assigned by the Empress when many Terran defenders fell in the battle against Onslaught..  Once there, the Imperial Guard battled the Undeground Militia, a group of Pink Kree which had infiltrated the Terran populace, with the aim of making the Terrans suffer for their role in the Kree defeat.  The Underground Militia, led by Primus, possessed a Nega-Reactor, and when the Imperial Guard attacked, the radiation leaking from the Nega-Reactor weakened the Imperial Guardsmen, who collapsed - except for Commando, whose physiology had been altered by the radiation explosion of the Nega-Bomb; the Nega radiation instead gave M-Nell even more enhanced strength and durability.  Commando freed his comrades from their bonds and helped them escape, still confused as to why the Nega radiation had such a different effect on him.

 Primus had devised a plan to overload the Nega Reactor underneath Manhatten, in the sewers, as a Kree terrorist assault.  As Commando confronted Primus, a newly-empowered Rick Jones appeared and began to absorb the leaking Nega radiation.  Commando and the other Imperial Guardsmen tried to collapse and fuse the casing of the reactor to seal the volitile core; once sealed, Gladiator took the reacter core into space; however, Gladiator had been weakened by the extended exposure to the radiation, and passed out as he re-entered Earth's atmosphere.  Forunately, Commando had followed Gladiator, and helped him back to their fellow Imperial Guardsmen.

 When they returned, they saw that the energies that Rick Jones had absorbed  coalesced into a new corporeal Supreme Intelligence, who had been behind the entore plot, manipulating Commando, Primus, the Guardsmen, and Rick Jones so that he could be reborn in the energies of the Nega detonation.  The Supreme Intelligence commanded Commando to turn on the Imperial Guardsmen, buut Commando had come to regard them as comrades and friends, and was repulsed by the cold-blooded betrayal and machinations of the Supreme Intelligence. Enraged, Commando fired at the Supreme Intelligence, who teleported away, laeving him with the respect of the other Guardsmen.

Commando stayed with the Imperial Guard, and was assigned to the strike force Morning Star, whose assignment was to prevent the rebels in the Shi'ar shipyards at Izumbard from launching space navy vessels against the Shi'ar.  He was also part of the team which entered the Rift to rescue another Imperial Guard detachment which had been trapped by alien Xenomorphs.

 Presumably Commando remains at large with his fellow Imperial Guardsmen under teir new Emperor, Gladiator.