Enemies of the Kree Empire

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The Aakon  -- A race of yellow-skinned, dark-haired humanoids, the Aakon are enemies of the Kree and are allied with the Shadow Consortium. They have an Intergalactic Council and sought the destruction of all human life due to the perceived universal threat of Earth's population of super-beings. A number of Aakon colonies have since been destroyed by the Annihilation Wave

Galactus -- Needless to say, the Destroyer of Worlds is the enemy of all life.

The Phalanx --The techno-organic Phalanx invaded the Kree Empire, using the Space Knights as pawns unwittingly brought to the Kree homeworld of Hala by the former Star-Lord, Peter Quill. Assimilating the majority of the population and encasing the Kree galaxy  in a force field, the Phalanx conquered the Kree in a matter of weeks.   The Phalanx are defeated by Ronan, the mysterious Kree renegade known as the Wraith, and the daughter of Mar-Vell, Phyla-Vell.

The Shi'ar Empire -- The Shi'ar have twice fought wars of unprovoked aggression under their Mad Emperors, conquering the Kree Empire when they detonated the genocidal Nega-Bomb.  The Kree monarch Black Bolt sacrificed himself to save the Kree Empire from the second unprovoked attack by the Shi'ar.

The Skrull Empire  --

Thanos --