Kree History

(The Short Form)

Once Upon A Time... a  galaxy far, far away, a race of interplanetary explorers called the Skrulls came upon the world of Hala.  The Skrulls found that Hala was home to two sentient races; the peaceful, plant-like Cotati, and the humanoid, warlike Kree.  The Skrulls were, at that point in their history, peaceful traders, and desired to uplift one of the native races to become trading partners with the Skrull Empire.  The skrulls proposed a contest; they took representatives of each race to a distant moon, where they built an arena for the competition - whichever of the two races could use the resources within the arena to make something of valiue.

The Kree built a magnificent city.

The Cotati built a garden.

Morag IWhen the Skrulls returned, they judged and declared the Cotati to be the race most worthy.  The Kree, led by their leader Morag, slaughtered both the Cotati and the Skrulls, and stole the Skrull ship.  Returning to Hala, they used the Skrull technology to conquer the planet, doing their best to eliminate the Cotati.  They reverse-engineered the Skrull technology, and began the Kree Empire's long history of aggressive expansion through the Greater Magellanic Cloud.

A pacifist religous sect of the Kree, known as the Priests of Pama, preserved some of the Cotati, and grew to worship them.  THe Priests of the Pama w3ere outlawed, and undertook to relocate small groves of Cotati across the universe. 

Wherever the Kree encountered the Skrull, they would attack, forcing the once-peaceful trading empire to become as warlike and bloodthirsty as the Kree themnselves.  Conflict between the two empires, referred to as the Kree-Skrull War, would continue for hundreds of millenia, to the present day. 

The Supreme Intelligence

The Supreme IntelligenceWhen the Skrull Empire developed, as many civilizations do, their own cosmic artifact known as the Cosmic Cube, the Kree attempted to match it with their own creation, the Supreme Intelligence.  Ultimately, the Skrull Cosmic Cube developed sentience, and evolved into the being known as the Shaper of Worlds.  The Supreme Intelligence determined that a Kree Cosmic Cube would be too potentially powerful, and refused to assist the Kree Science Council in its creation. As the War progressed, the Supreme Intelligence gathered more and more power to itself, until it became almost as unto a deity to the Kree, and began to effectively rule the Empire.

The Kree-Skrull raged on across a thousand solar systems, and each side explored for advantage.  The Kree established an outpost in the Terran solar system, which was strategically placed between the two sides.  While exploring the other planets, the Kree found evidence that the Celestials had gifted the native humans on Terra III (Earth) with enhanced genetic potential.  Fascinated, the Kree conducted myriad experiments on the humans of Earth, trying to find a way around their own evolutionary stagnation and perhaps develop cannon-fodder soldiers for their ongoing war.  These test subjects were the people now referred to as the Inhumans. 

The Traitor Mar-VellFor reasons lost in the depths of antiquity, the Kree left thei Inhumans on their own, after stationing several experimental laboratory facilities on the planet, along with a guardian Kree Sentry (#459) robot.  When the non-Inhumans of Earth discovered the Senty, it sounded an alarm.  When the Fantastic Four defeated Ronan the Accuser, who had been dispatched to assess the natives for suitabilty to join the empire as a subjugated race, the planet Earth and its inhabitants came to the attention of the Supreme Intelligence once more.

The Earth began to feature prominently in the designs of the Kree Empire, and the goal of much political intrigue with in.  Certain renegade elements, sometimes referred to as the Lunatic Legion, attempted to destroy humanity, but were foiled by a renegade former war hero, Captain Mar-Vell, who had served under Colonel Yon Rogg and the Kree survey team, and been presecuted by the Colonel for selfish reasons ending with Mar-Vell turning against his own people, defending the humans .  Alongside his human super-powered allies, known as the Avengers, Mar-Vell repeatedly frustrated the attempts of the Supreme Intelligence to use Earth in the War against the perfidious Skrulls.

 The Kree - Shi'ar War

LilandriaThe war wth the Skrulls went through hot and cold periods.  The Supreme Intelligence lost much of his authority after it's temporary defeat at the hands of the humans and their traitorous defender.  The Kree Empire would go through several regime changes, a chaos unprecedented in Kree history.  During one of the times when the Supreme Intelligence was out of power, the Supreme Intelligence manipulated the Skrulls into formenting a war between the Shi'ar and the Kree Empires. Once more the Avengers became involved, when the Shi'ar opened a wormhole in their system.  Strangely enough, the involvement of the Terran planetary champions tied up significant Shi'ar forces and elements of the Imperial Guard.  Ultimately, the Kree Empire fell under temporary hegemony of the Shi'ar after they cowardly detonated a Nega-Bomb in Kree space.  The Magistrix Lilandra appointed her sister Deathbird as Viceroy, and Deathbird in turn found it useful to use elements of the former Kree military to police their own, the Kree Peace Battalion, commanded by General Bel-Dann.

Queen MedusaMeanwhile, the Supreme Intelligence took advantage of an artifact known as the Forever Crystal to mutate blue pureblood Kree into a race known as the Ruul.  The Ruul could assume three shapes; thinkers/planners with advanced intellect, workers with enhanced strength, or a warrior form with unequalled ferocity and bravery.  Under the direction of the Supreme Intelligence, the Ruul rose up across the former parts of the Kree Empire, throwing off the yoke of Shi'ar oppression.  During this great struggle to liberate the Kree, there was a reality warp, which unfortunately restored the Kree to their original forms, but the resulting confusion allowed them greated success in re-establishing their Empire under the Supreme Intelligence.

Ronan the Accuser led a United Front of space-faring races against the invasion of the Annhiliation Wave, and again against the Phalanx.  Ronan then assumed control as Emperor of the Kree when the former royal House of Fiyero proves itself unable to effectively rule.  It is this time, before the so-called War of Kings that Ronan extended a hand to the Terran-based Inhumans, whose genetic technologies were of great value.  Ronan the Accuser marries Cyrstal of the Inhuman Royal Family, and abdicates as Emperor in favor the Inhuman king, Black Bolt; by establishing strong dynastic ties between the Kree and the Inhumans, Ronan hoped to preserve the Kree Empire, severely crippled after the depredations of the Phalanx. 

Under the rule of the Shi'ar ruler Vulcan, the Shi'ar attempt again to subjugate the Kree, but are unsuccesful in their suprise attack.  Black Bolt sacrifices his own life to defeat the Shi'ar, showing himself to be a true King, and leaving his Queen Medusa to defend the Kree.


Kree Culture

The Kree are a scientific-minded militaristic society, and have no supernatural based religion, having a widespread mathematical equation that disproves the existence of any deity, which is taught to all Kree around "the same time we learn not to soil ourselves with excrement".   They are raised to revere the Supreme Intelligence, and in many ways the reverence shown the Supreme Intelligence fills the role of a state religion.  There are some small, genuinely religious cults within the Empire, but they are forbidden, such as the Priests of the Pama, or the worship of Tam-Borr.  Some Kree are adherents of the Universal Church of Truth, which is tolerated due to its militaristic nature.

The upper echelon of the Kree military, and hence culture, is dominated by the pure-blooded Blue Kree, even though the majority of the Kree Empire are of mixed blood, and have lost their pure blue hue.  There is great prejudice within the Blue Kree against the more populous Kree of other skin tones.

 Kree names are usually short, being one or two syllables. Given names are separated from surnames by a hyphen. Examples include Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg, Una-Rogg, and Zey-Rogg.

The Kree began as a dictatorship, but over time the Empire came to be ruled by the Kree Science Council, which created the Supreme Intelligence, who slowly began to accumulate more power over generations.  Under the Supreme Intelligence, the Kree Empire was a military-technocractic dictatorship, but in recent times factions have usurped the Supreme Intelligence's authority until its death at the hands of the Phalanx.   The Kree Empire is once more a moarachy, under Queen Medusa.

 Leaders of the Kree have included the Supreme Intelligence, Clumsy Foulup, Nenora, Zarek, Ael-Dan and Dar-Ben, Phae-Dor, Tus-Katt, Morag, Ronan the Accuser, and Black Bolt of the Inhumans.