Captain Mar-Vell

Protector of the Universe


Assignment: Earth

Mar-Vell In UnifomAlthough technically a confirmed, self-confessed traitor to the Kree Empire, the current legal status of the former Captain Mar-Vell is now somewhat in doubt, given the ascendency of the Terran offshoot race the Inhumans' Royal Family to the rulership of the Kree Empire.  Given that several Terran heroes have recently been instrumental in the preservation the Kree Empire and race, his decision to defend Earth and its people against all aggressors (including the perfidious Skrulls) can be arguably prophetic.  It is also worthy of mention that Mar-Vell's abilities were in large part given to him by the Supreme Intelligence, and given that The Supremor has historically been renowed for long-term planning and subtlety of purpose, its not inconveivable that Captain Mar-Vell was the Supreme Intelligence's gift to the Kree people for their own protection - even against the Supreme Intelligence himself.

Mar-Vell was the child abandoned by his parents to a heartless Kree military acadamy when he was nine years of age. His father designed military starships, and young Mar-Vell devoured ship schematics like Terran children colleced sports cards and memorized statistics.

After graduation from the Kree military academy, Mar-Vell entered the Kree Empire's military, and rose rapidly through the ranks, fighting such threats to the Empire such as the Badoon, the Aakon, and the ever-present Skulls.  During his service with Grand Admiral Davros against the Brood infestation in the Absolom sector, Mar-Vell met and fell in love with a worshipper of the Pama cult, a pacisfist medic named Una.  After successfully destroying the Brood infestation, both Mar-Vell and Una were assigned to a espionage scouting mission under Colonel Yon Rogg.  Mar-Vell and Una became lovers, and Mar-Vell clashed repeatedly with his superior officer, for reasons both professional and because Colonel Yon-Rogg wanted Medic Una for his lover.

Medic UnaLanding near the Canaveral missle complex, Mar-vell assumes the identity of one Dr. Walter Lawson, one of the chief scientists assigned to the base.  The Terran natives assume that Mar-Vell's captain uniform and advanced technology makes him one of the myriad super-powered Terrans that had begun to rise amongst the aboriginal population; when they mis-hear his identity, they assign him the name "Captain Marvel".  In both his Captain Marvel and Walter Lawson personas he is watched carefully by the base's head of security, Colonel Carol Danvers.

Yon-RoggDuring the ensuing weeks, Mar-Vell embraces his role as a guardian of the Terran base, encountering and defeating the Skrull operative knoiwn as the Super-Skrull, Aakon criminals, Cyberex (a homicidal robot built by the real Dr. Lawson), and Quasimodo.

For his insubordination and betrayal of Kree interests, Colonel Yon Rogg orders Mar-Vell executed by firing squad, which is interrupted by an Aakon attack.  During the exchange of hostilities, Medic Una is killed.  Blaming Colonel Yon Rogg for her death, they battle, and Mar-Vell is exiled by Yon Rogg to death by space exposure. 




Zo and the Tam-Borr Heresy

Mar-Vell crashes on an alien world, and is granted extra-ordinary powers a cosmic entity named Zo, but it soon becomes clear that Zo is an illusion, masking a conspiracy by Ronan the Accuser and Zarek the Imperial Minister against the Supreme Intelligence. They wish to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence and establish a regime in which the racially pure Blue Kree can purge the Empire of the 'corrupted' non-blue Kree. Mar-Vell defeats their efforts, and the Supreme Intelligence rewards Mar-Vell by making those powers permanent and giving him a new costume. However, before he can utilize his new abilities, he is trapped in the Negative Zone by Colonel Yon-Rogg.

Mar-Vell and JonesOnce trapped in the Negative Zone, The Supreme Intelligence guides a Terran adolescent male nearing adulthood named Richard Jones using mental suggestion to a long-abandoned Kree scientific outpost, which has been used as a storage depot for certain Kree artifacts.  One of these was the Nega-Bands, originally created by the Supreme Intelligence in an attempt to replicate the alien Quantum Bands.  The Nega Bands draw their power from the Negative Zone, and are focused by the psionic abilities of their wearer.  The Nega Bands use photonic power, and grant the wearer interstellar flight, enhanced strength and situational awareness, and photonic blasts.  Additionally, and more importantly in this instance, the wearer may also switch places with someone trapped in the limbo of the Negative Zone.

Jones releases Mar-Vell from the Negative Zone, and Mar-Vell pursues Colonel Yon Rogg, who had kidnapped Colonel Danvers.  Yon Rogg is attempting to obtain another Kree artifact, the Psyche-Magnetron, which explodes, killing Yon Rogg and irradiating Colonel Danvers with the Psyche-magnetron's energy, which slowly mutates Danvers into a hybrid Kree/Human physiology. 

Rick begins a career as a pop-singer, managed by a promoter named Mordecai P. Boggs, grantring Mar-Vell periods of release from his Negative Zone prison while the two of them consult with Terran scientusts, seeking a permanent cure for Mar-Vell's condition.  It is during this time that Mar-Vell and Jones become involved in the Kree-Skrull War, with Jones proving decisive as a weapon against the Skrulls, a result of the foresight of the Supreme Intelligence.

When Thanos of Titan begins his quest to take possession of the Terran Cosmic Cube, Mar-Vell and Jones find themselves leading the fight against him; althogh unproven that he was operating under orders, the involvement of the Super-Skrull and other Skrull operatives indicate that Thanos was covertly alligned with the Skrull Empire; given the subsequently proven threat that Thanos presents to the Kree Empire, once more the Supreme Intelligence's wisdom proved the Empire's savior as Mar-Vell defeated the mad Titan and his minions.


Protector of the Universe

ThanosIt is during the Thanos War that Mar-Vell is chosen by certain cosmic powers to assume the position of  Protector of The Universe.  Mar-Vell is granted enhanced abilities and Cosmic Awareness, thereby making the Supreme Intelligence's covert operative even more powerful.

 Mar-Vell begins to encounter the agents of the Lunatic Legion, who send andriods to defeat him. Mar-Vell traces the Lunatic Legion to the Blue City on the moon. The Lunatic Legion is a conspiracy of blue Kree high-ranking military officers such as Admiral Sro-Himm, Zarek, and Fer-Porr. They have obtained assistence from the Watcher, who undergoes a trial for his interference in the affairs of others and is adjudged guilty. Mar-Vell travels to the Kree homeworld where he finally defeats Ronan the Accuser and the Lunatic Legion as they attempt to usurp power from the Supreme Intelligence.

During his fight against the agents of the Lunatic Legion, Mar-Vell is exposed to certain chemical carcinogens which take root in his body.

When Mar-Vell then helps the Avengers defeat the Super-Adaptoid, he tricks the adaptoid into replicating his own Nega-bands, and Mar-Vell forces the Super-Adaptiod to exchange places with Rick Jones.  The Super-Adaptoid's nega-bands fade from, Jones' wrists, trapping the robot in the Negative Zone, permanently freeing both Mar-Vell and Jones.

Mar-Vell goes on to expose a Skrull infiltrator in the Kree Science Council, aiding the Inhuman Royal Family and Black Bolt, who will, years later, become the ruler of the Kree Empire.   The exposure of the Skrull infiltrator would have been impossible without Mar-Vell's Cosmic Awareness; the Kree armada would have stumpled into a well-laid trap.  Mar-Vell escorts his future ruler back to Earth.

NitroAfter a short period where he fights Nitro and Deathgrip, he is attacked by Drax the Destroyer, who is somewhat enraged that he has no purpose - he blames Mar-Vell for the death of Thanos, and attempts to destroy Mar-Vell in revenge. Mar-Vell brings together a temporary truce when they discover that Thanos has programmed ISAAC, the master computer system of Titan, to continue his plans in the event of his death. Mar-Vell and Drax proceeded to Titan.

Most of the Titans have been captured by ISAAC, and Mar-Vell frees Mentor and Eros, and battles Lord Gaea, Dionysus, Elysius (who changes her mind about working with ISAAC when she falls in love with Mar-Vell), Stellarax, and Chaos.  After the defeat of ISAAC and his minions, Mar-Vell and Elysius tour Earth together, in what Mar-Vell refers to as "it was a honeymoon of sorts". They retire to Titan for a time, until Mar-Vell discovers that he has a problem.



The End Of A Warrior

Titans call it "The Inner Decay". The Kree call it "The black-end". The Terrans call it "cancer".

Unknown to him, his Nega-bands kept the cancer in remission until the cancer mutated beyond its ability to affect, and by the time it was detectable by Mar-Vell it had mutated past a cure.   Ironically, Mar-Vell was awarded the Royal Skrull Medal of Valor before his death by General Zedrao in recognition of his bravery, as a token of respect to their enemy.  Mar-Vell was given posthumous membership in the Terran Avengers. 

In postscript, some time after his death, Elysius used his and her own genetic material to create two artificial offspring of her own genetics and Mar-Vells, named Genis-Vell and Phyla-Vell.  Both children were artificially aged to prevent Mar-Vell's enemies from taking revenge on a helpless child, both children have since perished honorably in battle.