The Superiority of Kree Technology

The Kree Empire extends across almost a thousand worlds in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Over the centuries of constant warfare with the Skrull Empire has sent their technological levels to almost Godlike levels, culminating in the crowning glory of the Supreme Intelligence.  They are the only race in the galaxy to possess the Omni-Wave Projector and Nega-band technologies.

Kree technology includes advanced warp-drive starships, advanced robotics, cyborg, and cybernetic technology, advanced genetic engineering, psionic technology , advanced energy weaponry, nuclear power and weapons.  Many of the more dangerous innovations of  the fruits of Kree technology have been outlawed by the Supreme Intelligence, but remain cached in secret locations in case of dire emergency.


Death Missile/Omega Bomb

The Death Missile, was a powerful weapon purchased by the Gnobians on the interstellar weapons black market,  with which to defend themselves.



Destructioids are enormous spaceworthy weapons platforms, each crewed by hundreds of soldiers.  Each Destructoid has two forms; spacecraft mode and giant humanoid war construct.  The Kree often deployed them in pairs against entire primitive planets for conquest, as the combined firepower was considered sufficient to devestate entire worlds.



These giant automatons were placed on Earth near the Inhuman capitol city, and activated when the Kree determined that the Inhuman population would makeexcellent militia auxilaries for the War of the Three Galaxies.  They stood about four stories high, with hands that were essentially large scoops.  Their body cavities were stasis chambers, allowing the Katroids to impress large amounts of civilians for militia duty and transport them to the battle-lines wiftly and efficiently.  They were destroyed by Black Bolt and the Royal Family.


The Lasonic Disintegrator

The Lasonic Disintegrator is a pistol which fires energy blasts, and a standard Kree military side-arm. It has several power settings, the smallest of which was sufficient to stun the Mark VI Iron Man armor.



The Kree Mandroids were humanoids, about as large as a large human. With enhanced strength and durability. Its eyes could fire Infra Beams. These robots were used by the Kree to hunt down traitors of the Kree.


Nega-Bands and Nega-Bombs

Nega-Bands were developed by the Kree to attempt to replicate the powers of the cosmic artifacts known as Quantum Bands.  The Nega Bands draw their power from the Negative Zone, and are focused by the psionic abilities of their wearer.  The Nega Bands use photonic power, and grant the wearer interstellar flight, enhanced strength and situational awareness, and photonic blasts.  With the proper technology, Nega-Bands can be used to fashion a Nega-Bomb, which can send waves of Negative Zone radiation across interstellar distances with great destructive effect.  When the Nega-Bomb was used by the Shi'ar in the Kree-Shi'ar War, it killed an estimated 98% of the Kree and Kree-hybrids in the Empire.


Negatron Sphere

The Negatron sphere is a very advanced radioactive bomb which employed a core of anti-matter. One sphere is powerful enough to utterly destroy several large buildings.



Null-Trons are robotic constructs whose prime directive is to purge an area of all organic life, so that planets might be settled more effectively by Kree.. They were made illegal after the founding of the Supreme Intelligence. Many of them were active on Deneb IV.




Omni-Wave Projector

The Omni-Wave Projector is a device which allows instantaneous communication across interstellar distances.  As it is capable of emitting energies on a galaxy-wide scale, in the hands of non-Kree it can become a fearsome weapon, similar to the Nega Bomb.



Pacifies are a Kree version of the Star Wars ATAT mobile artillary, with two legs and several synchronied cannons.



The Psyche-Magnitron was a weapon that possesses matter-shaping powers; whosoever possessed it could conjure up anything ever devised by Kree Science. When its rays hit the user, it could create the device desired by the user and also modify the genetic structure of the body gifting it with super powers. The Magnitron Power Unit or Power Core was contained in a small shielded box. Unfortunately, it was extremely radioactive and, once outside of the box, it immediately changed its form to a bigger, starred polyhedron. It then emitted the same radiation emitted as the Psyche-Magnitron when it bathed a subject, but in such a high quantities as to burn, blind, and totatally annihilate the senses instantly and, sometimes, even kill the subject in a few minutes. Through its rays, the user gained greater matter-shaping powers, that, unfortunately, were very difficult to control. The radiations covered all the known spectrums and they were strong enough to transform an area as wide as, say, Northern Florida, into a radioactive wasteland.


Kree Sentry

Kree SentryKree Sentry robots are the backbone of Kree unmanneed defensive weaponry, and are often deployed when forward positions, laboratories or other installations too valuable to be destroyed are left behind due to the uncertainty of war.  Kree Sentries stand about thirty Terran feet high, are possessed of a rudimentary AI.  They are immensely string and resistant to damage, and may fire a variety of energy types and frequencies.


Often mistaken for a legend, the Super-Sentry is the master version of all the Kree Sentry robots, and much more powerful. The Super-Sentry is controlled by the Supreme Intelligence.


Uni-beam Projector

All Kree soldiers, in addition to their other weapons, are equipped with a device called a "universal beam" (or "uni-beam," at first a handheld pistol but later converted into a wrist-mounted device) that is capable of projecting energy; emitting beams of pure blackness and controlling magnetic energies.  The Uni-Beam is considered in much the same way as the "Swiss Army Knife" is by Terran militaries.