Ronnie Thunderbolts Artwork!

Hello, I'm Ronnie Thunderbolts (also known as Jared M. Jones), a Kindergarten teacher, sometime artist, and a huge fan of comics.

Although I've enjoyed both Marvel and DC's superheroes my entire life, I've been particularly fond of many of Marvel's classic, iconic characters.

The character that speaks most to my sense of admiration of this heroic archetype is Captain America. After seeing Captain America make a brief cameo in the show X-Men: Evolution, I decided that I needed to see more Marvel heroes rendered in such a wonderful style. Inspired by the immensely talented 'Evolution series artist Steven Gordon, I've begun the daunting task of creating images of Marvel heroes and villains, starting from a "Cap-centric" place and spreading outward, until my desire to see these characters is met.

- Ronnie Thunderbolts (PJFan to some)

My ever-expanding list of characters makes me think this will not come at any time soon, and thanks to Dave Medinnus of the wonderful Star-Spangled Site, I am able to share these pictures with you through this excellent website.

I hope that you enjoy the art here, and that it may either create an interest in some of my favorite Marvel characters, or speak to some of those who already appreciate them as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by, and remember to read comics, early and often. There are comics from every genre imaginable, and there is something for everyone, from Marvel, to Darkhorse, to Oni, to DC, from independent publishers, to the mainstays of the Golden Age of comics.


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New Updates!

* 04-18-06A passle of Red Skulls, Sin, Crossbones, redone Young Avengers, and more!

* 12-15-05Another Free Spirit, Justice-MIA, and the amazing Protectorate - Cap!

* 11-02-05Just a couple of new images - Bruiser and Gravity - but a few bug fixes, missing images, and updates!

* 10-28-05Updates for the Young Avengers, a few Runaways, Kang and his multiple personalities, some of the classic images updated/revised, and a new set of Captain America pics, with the shield on the back!

* 09-23-05A new interface! After some massive coding (if you don't believe me, look at the source code!) in Javascript, there is now a new way to quickly locate who you're looking for by category, then character, then specific uniform. I've also added the M.O.D.O.C. Squad into the mix.

* 08-17-05 Many updates today, with most of the Young Avengers, Luke Cage, heavily expanded Carol Danvers (the old Warbird pics are now listed under Carol Danvers), Jessica Jones, and the like. The second half of the "summer flood" will be coming soon!

* 08-11-05 After an eventuful summer, I just got an update with tons of new and revised images. These will be added as I get around to them, with the first batch arriving today! The updates are all done.

* 04-23-05 A good-sized update, including Commander America, Bucky and Bucky II, Golden Girl (various costumes), the Mutant X Captain America, Captain America as envisioned by Jack Kirby in the Old West, and Rojhaz from the 1602 LS.

* 03-14-05A few more shots of the Crimson Commando, and the Yankee Clipper!

* 02-25-05A few more shots of the Crimson Commando!

* 02-22-05A few shots of the Crimson Commando!

* 02-21-05 A massive update, including Ali Morales, The Anti-Cap/Commando look, Black Crow, Black Crow w/Bow, the Falcon as substitute-Cap, Iron Lad, Iron Man, Joystick, the TV-movie Captains America, Speed Demon, and lots more Captain America costumes from the front angle!

* 11-20-04 Added the images of Baron Heinrich Zemo, Blizzard, the Radioactive Man, Songbird from her New T-bolts (with and without the sonic wings), Nuke, and GI Max (with and without Helmet).

* 10-08-04 Added the images of Anti-Cap as Cap Imposter, Major Maple Leaf II in his current uniform, and two Falcon -With Jacket images (with and without Redwing. There were some old image updates, too - but which ones are a secret... *grin*

* 10-08-04 Added the images of MODOK, Young Avengers CA, and the Marvel SAGA RPG character Guardian.

* 10-03-04 Added the images of Falcon with his faithful bird, Redwing!