Captain America - The Animated Series (Fanfic)


A few years ago, being both a Marvel fan and an animation fan was a neat thing to be - we had new and syndicated Spider-Man and X-Men being produced, a real Fantastic Four (without Herbie, the poor Human Torch stand-in), Iron Man, Hulk...the world was our oyster. The Silver Surfer came, giving life to most of the Captain Mar-Vell cast, although ironically not giving Mar-Vell a new lease on life. Then news came that Marvel and Saban were going to produce a Captain America cartoon.

I was stunned! Cap has a history which spans both World War II as well as contemporary times. I don't think that many other heroes are so damned ripe with potential.

As we went along, we kept hearing more things - the Cap cartoon would be set during WWII. There would be a Captain America toy line which tied into the ongoing series. While not particularly speculated about, we could guess that it meant a "Captain America Adventures" comic with the adaption of the animated series. And with Cap on the drawing board, could the Avengers be far behind?

Then Marvel's bankruptcy began to effect their animated programs. Without Marvel to invest in their properties, there was no development money. The Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons completed their five-year runs (five seasons being the optimum number to enter syndication as its own show, rather than as part of an ensemble like "Marvel Action Hour", which combined the two or three seasons of Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Hulk episodes).

Captain America died before it had been launched. Given that Saban had scrapped the plans for placing the series during WWII, but had assured us that their commitment to a Cap series remained high, perhaps it was inevitable. Maybe even beneficial - remember the third Captain America movie? Absolutely horrid, and I feel that it would have been better if it had not been made. If they were going to re-think Captain America and still produce it on the same timetable it would have been rushed.

Later, I found out that the Powers That Be had consulted with Steve Englehart and Mark Waid about the cartoon series. Given that Waid has revitalized interest in the series from the slump it had been in prior to Heroes Reborn/Return, and that for my money Steve Englehart is the best Captain America writer bar none, even rushed it might have been pretty special.

Of course, I still had a couple of questions and concerns - the animated MU is a strange place, and while in the context of "just Captain America" I wouldn't care about some of the answers, I wonder how they would (and/or will) deal with continuity questions. For example, Cap was featured in the final episodes of the final Spider-Man series - but it was a time-travel verison of Cap (and several other Timely Golden Age heroes), not a modern version. Given that there was a Spider-Man/X-Men crossover cartoon, one wonders. And then the relationship between the FF and those versions of Spider-Man and X-Men, and how the Iron Man cartoon (which included most of the members of Force Works, as I recall) would fit. After all, the animated Spidey and X-Men aren't the normal Marvel versions - they are an alternate universe all by themselves. We don't have many of the continuity problems which plague the paper MU, but since all of the series have thus far been written as "stand-alone", it raises some questions, especially if we throw the Avengers into the mix.

Whether they place the Cap series in the WWII past or in the present, Cap is gonna need a supporting cast. If we get to steal from elements of Cap's past, what might we do for five years of episodes? What do we include? What do we combine?

So....without further ado, I give you my version of a five-year episode outline for Captain America: The Animated Series®. Most of these are re-written stories from Captain America Vol. 1, with attempts made to save the flavor, if not the absolute letter, of the originals.

Season One

Episode One - The Star-Spangled Origin
The Avengers (Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, Wasp, Warbird) investigate a scientific research vessel trapped in the polar ice, only to find and revive the living legend of WWII, Captain America, who helps them defeat HYDRA theives who are trying to steal the Thermo Cannon.

Episode Two - Legend or Imposter
Steve Rogers moves into a Brooklyn apartment, and is arrested by agents of SHIELD! Can he survive the boobytrapped "Testing Chamber" and establish his identity before the HYDRA spy escapes? Guest-starring Nick Fury.

Episode Three - Sons of the Serpent Part One
Captain America helps the high-flying Falcon track down the perpetrators of hate crimes in Harlem. Who are the Sons of the Serpent, and who is the Supreme Serpent?

Episode Four - Sons of the Serpent Part Two
harlem is a battleground between the urban gangs and the racist Sons of the Serpent. Captain America and the Falcon fight alongside each other, ultimately unmasking the Sepreme Serpent -and wait until you see his shocking identity!

Episode Five - Look Before You Leaper
Someone has been hired to steal Captain America's shield - and that someone is Batroc The Leaper. Can the Master of Savate defeat our hero? Not if Hawkeye has anything to say about it!

Episode Six - Batroc's Brigade
If Hawkeye can help Captain America against Batroc, why can't Batroc have friends help him? They can, if Zaran the Weapons Master and the South American mercenary known as Machete have anything to say about it.

Episode Seven - The Return of Baron Zemo, Part One
Captain America is suprised to find that the evil scientific genius who killed Bucky and accidentally sent Cap into suspended animation is still alive on a South American island. Captain America and Falcon head south of the border to bring Baron Zemo to justice - but will they survive the trip?

Episode Eight - The Return of Baron Zemo, Part Two
Just in time to stop an coup attempt by the new Baron Zemo (the grandson of Captain America's WWII arch-enemy), Captain America and Falcon must battle through hordes of mercenaries armed with secret nazi weapons, including the deadly Sleeper robots.

Episode Nine - On The Couch Of Dr. Faustus
Plagued by hallucinations, Steve Rogers checks into a government psychologist's retreat for diagnosis - but he may not check out again. And while Steve Rogers is struggling to escape, who are the Captain America and Bucky fighting the Falcon on the streets of Harlem?

Episode Ten - Will The Real Captain America Please Stand Up?
Can Steve overcome the diabolical machination of Dr. Faustus? Can the Falcon and SHIELD Agent Sharon Carter somehow defeat the Captain America and Bucky from the 1950's? Well...yes. But it won't be easy!

Episode Eleven - Baron Blood Strikes At Midnight, Part One
Captain America receives a message in a secret code - from World War II. Travel to Britain and meet Union Jack and Spitfire, Cap's British allies. They need his help against Baron Blood, the nazi vampire who has returned!

Episode Twelve - Baron Blood Strikes At Midnight, Part Two
Captain America and the new Union Jack battle the undead hordes of Baron Blood on the streets of London. Can they save England from a new nazi invasion?

Episode Thirteen - Madbomb, Part One
William Taurey is planning a special set of fireworks for the Fourth of July - but the aftermath will leave the population of the United States hopelessly insane, ripe for him to set up his New World Order. Captain America and the Falcon go undercover to stop them, and wind up in The Area!

Episode Fourteen - Madbomb, Part Two
Captain America and the Falcon lead American Special Forces in a last-ditch assault to disarm the Madbomb before Taurey and his renegades can detonate it, and send America insane!

Season Two

Episode One - Boot Camp
Following leads from the Madbomb story, Captain America tracks down Taskmaster, who runs training facilites for mercenaries, and sells high-tech weapons to criminals. Its Captain America and Falcon against Taskmaster and the HYDRA elite Army Of Assassins!

Episode Two - Madness Means MODOK
Cap and Falcon have shut down Taskmaster's facility, and HYDRA wants revenge. They unleash their newest weapon - MODOK, with orders to kill Captain America! Its carnage on the streets of Brooklyn when MODOK attacks Captain America - as Steve Rogers!

Episode Five - Super Adaptoid, Part One Taskmaster has failed. MODOK has failed. Finally, they activate their most deadly machine - the cybernetic android called the Super Adaptoid. With his ability to replicate and use the powers of his opponents, can Captain America defeat him, even with the help of the Avengers?

Episode Six - Super Adaptoid, Part Two
When the Super Adaptoid possesses the combined powers of the Avengers, can Captain America, Falcon, the Avengers, and SHIELD survive? Only the android Avenger called the Vision knows for sure!

Episode Three - The Bite Of The Viper
Having narrowly escaped doom (no relation) from the hands of the Super-Adaptoid, Captain America and SHIELD declare war on HYDRA, and on its leader, Madame Hydra - the Viper!

Episode Four - The Viper At Bay
The Viper may be on the ropes, with her HYDRA organization under seige by Captain America and SHIELD, she sees no reason not to take the entire West Coast of the United States with her! Captain America must stop her from firing deadly airborne nerve toxins from her base under Mount St. Helen.

Episode Seven - Illegal Aliens, Part One
An alien spacecraft crash-lands on Earth, and its pilot begs for political sanctuary against persecution - by the Kree. Captain America and Falcon must protect him from the Korath the Pursuer, as well as SHIELD and the Avengers!

Episode Eight - Illegal Aliens, Part Two
Captain America and the Falcon were forced to yield up Dav-Em to Korath the Pursuer and the Kree - by the United States government! With the help of Tony Stark, they travel to our moon with Iron Man, where the Kree have a secret base - a concentration camp for Kree dissidents!

Episode Nine - Breakout At The Vault
MODOK is rescued by HYDRA from his imprisonment at the Vault, SHIELD's ultra-secure penetenary for super-criminals, and he has freed the other inmates! Captain America and Falcon must face dozens of escaping super-powered criminals - alone! Or are they? Who is the Scourge???

Episode Ten - What A Tangled Web
Aside from MODOK, only the criminal named Mysterio successfully escaped from the Vault, and Cap wants to track him down! But in Mysterio's Madhouse, not all is as it seems, and friends can quickly turn to foes. Guest-starring Spider-Man.

Episode Eleven - Beware the Fenris Wolf
Captain America is asked for help from a corporation called Advanced Idea Mechanics, whose corporate headquarters is under attack by HYDRA, led by the Fenris Twins and their Pack. Captain America and the Falcon find themselves in a no-holds barred fight against MODOK and AIM on one side, and the all-new HYDRA on the other!

Episode Twelve - The Cosmic Cube, Part I
AIM is smashed and the HYDRA strike-force defeated - but the Fenris twins escaped with AIM's ultimate weapon technology - the plans for developing the Cosmic Cube. Its a race against time as Captain America and Falcon team with SHIELD to safegard the final necessary part - the formula for Adamantium, which resides only in the mind of Dr. MacLean.

Episode Thirteen - The Cosmic Cube, Part II
Captain America and Falcon travel to isolated African nationof Wakanda, the only place in the world where HYDRA can hope to steal the rare element of vibranium - but intruders from anywhere are unwelcome. Fenris and their new Pack against Captain America, Falcon, and the Black Panther. Plus - "Justice is served!"

Episode Fourteen - The Cosmic Cube, Part III
With the help of the Black Panther, Captain America, Falcon, and SHIELD make their final attempt to deny HYDRA the Cosmic Cube - but they fail! The secret master of HYDRA is revealed to be Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, father of the Fenris Twins, and former Nazi mastermind. With the Cosmic Cube, he has limitless power - so what does even the most powerful creature in the universe fear?

Season Three

Episode One - The Collector Cometh!, Part One
The Cosmic Cube is safely in custody - or is it? The SHIELD hellicarrier comes under attack by legendary creatures. Its technology vs. magic as the Living Legend of WWII battles beings from ancient myth! Plus - "Justice is served!"

Episode Two - The Collector Cometh!, Part Two
When his pawns are defeated in their quest to acquire the Cosmic Cube, the cosmic being called the Collector comes to regain them - and their prize. Even with the help of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, can Cap keep the Cube from the Collector, who wants to use its power to collect Earth!

Episode Three - Gambits and Openings
The Collector has added the Avengers to his collection of prisoners, and taken the Cosmic Cube, but sibling rivalry rears its ugly head as Captain America tries a desperate gambit, and summons another Elder of the Universe to contest the Collector's ownership of the Cosmic Cube - the Grandmaster.

Episode Four - Midgame
Its a game of cosmic chess, with the Cosmic Cube as the prize. The captured Avengers (Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Goliath, Wasp, Warbird) must fight the Grandmaster's chosen champions - the Invaders (Captain America, Bucky, Union Jack, Spitfire, Namor, the Original Human Torch, and Toro).

Episode Five - Endgame
Namor and Union Jack VS. Warbird and Hawkeye. Scarlet Witch and Vision VS. Spitfire, the Original Human Torch, and Toro. Goliath and Wasp VS. Captain American and Bucky! Will the Cosmic Cube belong to the Collector - or to the Grandmaster?

Episode Six - The Masters Of Evil, Part One
Baron Zemo has returned to destroy Captain America, and he's not alone! Whirlwind, Klaw, Baron Zemo, the Black Knight, and the Living Laser attack Captain America and the Falcon at the opening of the new Wakanda embassy. Guest-starring the Black Panther!

Episode Seven - The Masters Of Evil, Part Two
The Masters of Evil have siezed the Wakandan Embassy, and threaten to execute their hostages if Captain America doesn't surrender to them - alone! Unarmed and without his shield, how can Cap hope to survive their onslaught?

Episode Eight - The Evil Of Ultron, Part One
The Avengers have been betrayed from within - by the Vision. Captain America and the Falcon must invade the Avengers Mansion, whose defenses are under the control of Ultron, the Master of Mechanized Life!.

Episode Nine - The Evil Of Ultron, Part Two
What is Goliath's connection to Ultron, and whose side is the Vison really on? Unable to handle Ultron and the Super Adaptoid by himself, Captain America sends out the call for help to free the Avengers! Guest-starring Iron Man, the Kree Commando, the Black Panther, and special guest - the bouncing, blue Beast! Plus - "Justice is served!"

Episode Ten - Journey To The Center Of The Vision
Ultron's last strike was to critically damage the Avenger called the Vision - and its up to the Captain America and the Avengers to repair him - from the inside! Its Avengers, ants, and angst against the Vision's internal system defenses, which think the Avengers are an intruding infection!

Episode Eleven - When Comes Kang!, Part One
A spacecraft arrives in Central Park - containing the time-traveller called Kang. He is on an errand of mercy to save the child, Vance Astro, against assassins from the future, called the Guardians of the Galaxy. Can the Guardians reach Vance Astro? Over Cap's dead body!

Episode Twelve - When Comes Kang!, Part Two
Revealed as the real assassin, Kang and his 24th century science attempt to kill Vance Astro - and only Captain America stands in his way. Can Cap stay alive long enough to protect Vance Astro and free the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Episode Thirteen - Agents of Fortune
Vera Gemini and her occult Agents of Fortune are trying bring the Nameless One across into this dimension, but need to obtain the amulet called the Eye Of Amagotto first - and it is worn by Dr. Strange, the master of the mystic arts! Plus - "Justice is served!"

Episode Fourteen - Night of the Cap-Wolf
Dr. Strange has been rendered helpless, and only Captain America can stop Vera Gemini from reading the Book of Eibon, and bringing the demonic Nameless One to Earth - but Cap isn't quite himself - he has tranformed into a man-wolf!

Season Four

Episode One - Beware the Viper's Venom
The Viper is back, and although she has lost HYDRA she has created the Serpent Society. Their first mission - assassinate MODOK, so that Viper may have her revenge against him for splitting AIM away from HYDRA. And all that stands in their way is Captain America.

Episode Two - Death To MODOK!
Captain America, the Falcon, and Diamondback against the menace of Cobra, Bushmaster, Cottonmouth, Asp, Black Mamba, and Anaconda. If the Serpent Society cannot be stopped - MODOK dies! Plus - "Justice is served!"

Episode Three - The Super Patriot
There is a new red, white, and blue hero in town, and he's called the Super Patriot! He claims that Captain America is out-of-date, and that he should be the living symbol of America. Is the world ready for Captain America to retire? Diamondback thinks so - she has other ideas for Steve Rogers!

Episode Four- The Commission
The Presidential Commisson for Superhuman Affairs sues Captain America! They claim that the costume and shield of Captain America belongs to the US government, and they want Captain America to work exclusively for them. Cap resigns! Guest-starring Diamondback

Episode Five - Who Watches The Watchdogs?
There is a new terrorist group in town, who think that they have the moral right to destroy anyone who doesn't agree with the way they think - and Captain America is tops on their list. But if Steve Rogers isn't Captain America anymore, who is fighting the Watchdogs? Not Steve - he and Diamondback have their hands full against the villainy of the Golden Archer!

Episode Six - Resistance Is Futile, Part One The new Captain America is sent to capture "a dangerous mutant" - a fifteen-year-old mutant who refused to be registered under the Federal Mutant Registration Act. Steve Rogers makes a fateful decision, and dons the costume of The Captain. Guest-starring the Black Panther.

Episode Seven - Resistance Is Futile, Part Two
On his way with a captured mutant, Captain America meets the Resistants - a group of mutants vowing to defy the Federal Mutant Registration Act, and the United States government. When pushed to the edge, how far will the new Captain America go to complete his mission? Meanwhile, the Captain makes his debut - against both the Watchdogs and their leader, Hellhound! Plus - "Justice is served!"

Episode Eight - Too Many Shield Slingers!
After accidentally killing his captive on national television, the new Captain America is on the run - and the Commission has brought in the Captain to bring him to heel. Its Steve Rogers VS Captain America, and only one of them will be able to walk away triumphant!

Episode Nine - Make Way For The Skeleton Crew
We've seen the mysterious figure in hat and trenchcoat help the Watchdogs, give super-strength to the Super-Patriot, direct the Commission...but who is he? He's Crossbones, the leader of the Skeleton Crew (Blackwing, Jack-O-Lantern, and Dementia), and today's mission - kidnap the Viper from the Vault! Can Captain America and Diamondback stop him?

Episode Ten - Serpents In Eden, Part One
The Viper and her all-new Serpent Society (Coachwhip, Puff Adder, Sidewinder, Death Adder) are back, and they have a mission - poison the water supply of Washington, DC!

Episode Eleven - Serpents In Eden, Part Two
The population of Washington, DC have been poisoned with a mutagenic agent, causing them to turn into snake-like humanoids. What happens when the President of the United States becomes a slithering serpent determined to kill Captain America? Plus - "Justice Is Served!"

Episode Twelve - Meet Mr. Hyde
Only the genetic scientist named Calvin Zabo can restore the President to normal - the only problem is that he's a prisoner of the Vault known as Mr. Hyde! He will cure the President in exchange for his freedom and a pardon - dated twenty-four hours from his release! Cap must stop his one-man rampage, knowing that for the next twenty-four hours Mr. Hyde can literally get away with murder!

Episode Thirteen - Dating The Deadly Diamondback
Cap and Diamondback go on a date, just the two of them - and their secret guardian angels, Asp and Black Mamba. When super-criminals threaten to spoil their date, can Diamondback's friends from the Serpent Society run interference for them all night?

Episode Fourteen - Meet The Machinesmith
The Machinesmith is one brain in dozens of android bodies - and he can transfer them at will! The star-spangled Avenger goes up against a one-man crime spree, whose robot bodies contain different weapons and devices each time!

Season Five

Episode One - Justice Is Served, Part One
When the vigilante known as Scourge wipes out seventeen super-criminals in the Bar With No Name, some of the survivors want to strike a deal - with Captain America. If he can stop the Scourge, they will surrender themselves and give up their lives of crime - and when Scourge kills Diamondback, it becomes personal!

Episode Two - Justice Is Served, Part Two
Captain America and his "Suicide Squad" of the Kangaroo, Basilisk, Blue Streak, and the Armadillo invade the mansion of the retired Golden-Age superhero the Angel - who is the mastermind behind the Scourge. Will they succeed in shutting down the Scourge's operation, or will they be his latest victims?

Episode Three - Justice Is Served, Part Three
The Scourge, unmasked at last - and its Bucky, Captain America's dead partner from WWII! Can Captain America fight Bucky Barnes, the teenage sidekick for whose death Cap has been blaming himself all these years? He has to - because Bucky is out for blood - Cap's blood!

Episode Four - Beware The Sleepers! Part One
Destructive robots are rising all across America -and all of them are converging on Washington, DC. Captain America and the Avengers must stop them, before they leave the White House a smoking ruin. And who is the mysterious stranger who controls the Sleeper robots?

Episode Five - Beware The Sleepers! Part Two
The Machinesmith is back, and he's brought the Sleepers with him. Captain America and the Avengers struggle to both stem the tide of robotic destruction, and capture the Machinesmith before its too late - but the Machinesmith tries to take over the Vision!

Episode Six - The Colors Of The Chameleon Captain America sees someone he can't possibly see - Diamondback? Alive? Her doppleganger leads Cap on a wild goose-chase into an ambush, against the Scorpion and the Porcupine. Meanwhile, someone is impersonating Captain America at a political rally!

Episode Seven - Captain America - Unmasked? As the Chameleon, still impersonating Captain America, continues to tarnish Cap's reputation by espousing intolerance - until he's attacked by the Falcon! The real Cap escapes from Cap-tivity, and the fight spills over. When the dust settles, Cap unmasks the Chameleon, and restores his reputation.

Episode Eight - Streets of Poison, Part One
Captain America is breaking up a drug distribution center when an explosion causes him to inhale fumes from experimental "designer drugs". Worse, that drug house was the property of the Kingpin, and he's dispatched Bullseye, his number-one assassin, to make Captain America pay!

Episode Nine - Streets of Poison, Part Two
Captain America VS Bullseye, the Kingpin's personal assassin - but Cap still has drugs frozen in his bloodstream by the super-soldier formula. Will Bullseye survive his encounter with a drug-berserk Captain America?

Episode Ten - Streets of Poison, Part Three
Its Captain America VS the Avengers; they have to take their comrade down before he hurts anyone else. Can the two Henrys (McCoy and Pym) come up with something to free the designer drugs from Cap's blood, or do they have to stop him - permanently?

Episode Eleven - The Return Of The Red Skull, Part One
All of the people Captain America cares about are disappearing one by one. Who is behind their disappearances? Whoever it is wants Captain America to suffer - badly! Featuring the return of Crossbones and his Skeleton Crew.

Episode Twelve - The Return Of The Red Skull, Part Two
The Falcon escapes from captivity, and heads for the Avengers Mansion - with Blackwing, Jack-O-Lantern, and Dementia close behind. He'll make it - with a little help from Daredevil, the man Without Fear. Meanwhile, Captain America and SHIELD find clues as to who has been kidnapping Cap's friends - a man who has been dead since World War Two!

Episode Thirteen -The Return Of The Red Skull, Part Three
Welcome to Skull House, the fortress of that paragon of evil, the Red Skull. Captain America's friends are held hostage, and Cap must defeat Crossbones to free them - and Crossbones has the deadly device known as the Satan's Claw!

Episode Fourteen -The Return Of The Red Skull, Part Four
All of the secrets of the Red Skull are laid bare - how he was ressurrected by Baron Von Strucker's fear when he held the Cosmic Cube, how he used his resources to recruit, fund, and direct the Watchdogs, Scourge, Machinesmith, Crossbones, Viper, and the Commission. How he had Diamondback killed, and all of Captain America's friends kidnapped. How he has made Captain America's life a living hell since he was reincarnated - all so that he could goad Captain America into taking revenge, into breaking his spirit, into making Captain America so enraged that he will violate his code and kill him. Will Captain America cross over to the dark side? Nahh. But it makes a good dramatic finish to the series.

And there you have it, True Believer! A couple of notes - Bernie Rosenthal is a romantic interest in season one and two, Sharon Carter is a romantic interest two and three. Diamondback is the romantic interest in season four, but dies early in season five (I'd much rather have her dead than ignored). Bernie returns from law school and becomes the romantic interest in season five.

And of course, if there are any of you from Saban or Lionsgate or anywhere else... feel free to steal the above to your hearts content - I just want credit space!