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This site is dedicated to Steve Rogers, who will remain - for me - the real Captain America, whether he wears his Super Soldier uniform, the Captain America uniform proper, the Nomad fighting togs... To me, Steve Rogers will always be the heart and soul of Captain America, however much I may enjoy James "Bucky" Barnes as the current Captain America.

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New!02-01-13 -  So... its been a year since the site has been updated.   Here is my problem - Marvel sucks.  Brubaker was good, for awhile, but I got tired of reading a title that focused mostly on Bucky/Winter Soldier - and that was clearly where Brubaker's interest was (and there is nothing wrong with that as such, just not my thing). 

Then came all of the "Captain America & Guest-Star" stuff, most of which was substandard.  Now there is a new writer who is putting Armin Zola in the focus, and doing bad stories - worse than Kirby or the hacks who did the Marvel Knights stuff ever did at their worst.  I'm burned out, and tired.  The only decent stuff left is the Captain America movies (so far), and the now-defunct Captain America series.

Hopefully, Marvel will re-discover what made their characters great - and why whenever they reboot with respect - AEMH, the Avengers movies, they are re-setting the Avengers for a new age.  Until they do, I'm done. 

The site will stay up for awhile, even as it grows more and more out-dated.  Wikis and the like have pretty much made sites like this obsolee in any case. 

I am proud to have been running this site since 1993, and serving as a point of information for Captain America information, even as Marvel lets writers write crap that slowly degrades the characters and brands.  Whatever the future holds, it'll be without me reporting it, except for stuff that interests me.

New!02-01-2013 - Another cast member for Captain America 2 has been signed; Emily VanCamp hopefully for Sharon Carter!  Newsarama has the information!

New!12-19-2011 - The previews for March 2012 are up!

New!12-15-2011 -  Joe Simon, who created Captain America along with the legendary Jack Kirby, has passed away at age 98. Newsarama has a decent obit, better than anything I could manage.

New!11-21-2011 - The previews for February 2012 are up!

New!10-23-2011 - The previews for January 2012 are up!

New!09-27-2011 - The previews for December 2011 are up!

New!09-02-2011 - Captain America: The First Avenger DVD Information

CA DVDLeaks of the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Captain America: The First Avenger, is said to be coming on Oct. 25.  It will be available as a 3D Limited Edition combo pack ($54.99 Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy) and a standard combo pack ($42.99), which includes Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy).  Captain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Jones, Dominic Cooper, Toby Jones, Stanley Tucci, Richard Armitage, Natalie Dormer, Neal McDonough and Samuel L. Jackson.

Special features include:


08-17-2011 - Captain America: The First Avenger revenues to date:

New!08-17-2011 - The first picture from the currently-filming Avengers movie of Chris Evans wearing the modern Captain America uniform!

New!08-17-2011 - Added the Captain America-related November 2011 releases to the Previews area.

New!07-25-2011 - The Star-Spangled Site review of Captain America: The First Avenger is now up in he Editorial area!  Also, the Previews section has the coming releases for October.

New!07-22-2011 - From all reviews, the CA movie seems to be an overwhelming success!  Now, from San Diego Comic Con:

Cap Babe at the SDCC showing!  Captain America costume
 for the Avengers movie! 

New!07-08-2011 - And we get closer and closer to the release of the Captain America movie! More stills are getting released, and as usual, the good folks at Spinoff have them available!

New!06-14-2011 - The previews for September 2011 are up!

New!05-27-2011 - CBR has a decent summary of the Marvel: Next Big Thing call, which focused on the upcoming Captain America series.  Highlights included:


New!05-25-2011 - Marvel will be hosting a live blog session with Ed Brubaker, Steve McNiven, and Tom Brevoort on Friday, May 27 beginning at 12 p.m. ET.

New!05-18-2011 - New previews for August are now up!

New!04-13-2011 - The 1966 Captain America cartoon (amongst lots of other Marvel stuff) coming to Netflix in the fall!

New!04-27-2011 - An interview clip at CBR with Chris Evans.

New!04-13-2011 - New previews for July are now up!

New!04-04-20111 - It will come as no surprise to anyone that Steve Rogers will be returning to the uniform of Captain America, just in time for the release of the movie (7-22-11).   CBR has the details!

New!03-23-2011 - Let me have an "Amen!" 

New!03-22-2011 - The previews for June are up! 

New!03-22-2011 - The CA movie trailer hits the theaters this Friday; if I can find one online it'll be right here... )

New!03-15-2011 - CBR has a preview of the prologue to the Fear Itself event, in which Steve Rogers plays a major part.  Of course, I'm a sucker for anything that has Zemo in it...

New!03-04-2011 - In the "Good News, Bad News" department - Clearvision in the UK is selling DVD collections of several of the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes cartoon serials, including Captain America.   The bad news is that they will only sell to people in the UK and Europe (and as a codicil, the DVDs are Region 2, so you'd have to have a DVD player that plays all regions - but they are pretty cheap, around $50).

But if you have friends in the UK and can read Region 2...

New!03-03-2011 - EW has an interview with Director Joe Johnson!  Also, a pic of the movie version of the Red Skull:

New!02-21-2011 - Some articles on the forthcomong CA specials upcoming:

New!02-21-2011 - Tom Brevoort and Ed Brubaker in an excellent tag-team interview at Newsarama!

New!02-15-2011 - Previews for May are up!  As you might expect, as we get closer to the release date of the movie, there are quite a few collections coming out, so budget carefully.

New!02-10-20111 - Given the inevitable success of Captain America: The First Avenger, our winghead is sure going to be in-demand as a costume this Halloween; given the lead time it takes to do a good costume, I've added a link for Captain America costume supplies (also as a permanent link in the Misc. area!).

New!02-06-20111 - The Superbowl had the first official trailer:

New!02-04-20111 - CBR has a look at the Captain America: The First Avenger movie poster!

New!02-02-20111 - Marvelous News has pics of the new Captain America toys heading for the shelves around May 2011, and coverage of the NYCC releases.

New!01-20-20111 - According to the Hollywood Reporter, Captain America: The First Avenger will debut its first official trailer during the Super Bowl.

New!01-19-2010 - A new interview with CA movie director over on Hero Complex!

New!01-18-2010 - Previews for April are up!

New!01-14-2010 - Some costume tweaks and commentary from Visionary.

New!01-13-2010 - Given that the upcoming Fear Itself starts with the new Red Skull, and in which Steve Rogers is a major player, I think pointing to the companion series of Fear Itself: The Home Front announcement is appropriate!

New!01-13-2010 - Newsarama has a pic of Chris Evans in the full CA uniform.

New!01-10-2010 - Here is an interview with the actor who portrays Bucky in the Cap flick!

New!01-10-2011 - Spinoff has pictures of the movie's Cosmic Cube and their art design for the Red Skull!

New!12-30-2010 - The review for Secret Avengers #8 is up!

New!12-29-2010 - In other news, actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the new film, has his own blog!

New!12-29-2010 - Spinoff Online has a set report update for the Captain America film, with new set photos!

New!12-28-2010 - Updated the previews area with March releases - a whole bunch of stuff, as its the CA 70th anniversary!

New!12-17-2010 - Tom Brevoort tells us what is coming for March one-shots, celebrating the CA 70th Anniversary, in his T&A interview at CBR.

New!12-17-2010 - A preview of Secret Avengers #8 over at Newsarama, and on-sale next week.

New!12-04-2010 - Some of the Cap-based varient covers celebrating CA's 70th bday over at CBR.  Because alternate covers are somehow... not passe.

New!11-26-2010 - A new look for the Star-Spangled Site, focusing mostly on Steve Rogers' history as Captain America.  It breaks my heart to not be able to summon up any affection or respect for the BENDIS! Avengers family of titles, with the sole exception of Secret Avengers.  A side-effect is me pretty much ignoring the other Avegers titles; I may continue to review issues of Secret Avengers and Captain America, but it probably won't become a regular feature.